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Illuminate Your Utility Market 

We Are Utility Market Advisors & Fractional CMOs Driving 

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Leveraging decades of utility industry experience, we tailor our approach to your unique market position, driving market knowledge, brand growth, customer engagement, and revenue with precision and innovation.


Our extensive utility industry experience, rigorous ongoing analysis, and a highly collaborative approach enable us to deliver strategic insights and innovative solutions that ensure success. Partner with Appos to understand the market and plan your approach.

Utility Market  Advisors

Current Market Conditions

The utility industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Now, more than ever, utility leaders and solution providers urgently need market intelligence to stay relevant, engage customers, and achieve their organizational goals.

Appos Advisors



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Appos Advisors collaborated with SMUD to enhance internal communication and align their team with key business directives. Through a meticulously planned effort, Appos conducted a series of comprehensive interviews to understand SMUD's unique challenges and goals. This groundwork enabled Appos to develop a cohesive suite of communication assets, ensuring every employee was well-informed and unified in their objectives. The result significantly improved clarity and alignment within the SMUD team. SMUD expressed high satisfaction with the partnership, noting the exceptional value and strategic insight provided by Appos Advisors.

SMUD Internal Communications

To bolster Liberty Utilities' Customer First Program—a major technology overhaul affecting all Liberty operating companies—Vanessa Edmonds delivered executive coaching to Liberty’s state presidents nationwide. Vanessa designed a comprehensive toolkit, featuring monthly resources to aid leaders in guiding their teams through the change management process. This approach aimed to accelerate the adoption of new solutions, driving operational efficiencies and enhancing customer benefits. Vanessa conducted monthly one-on-one sessions with each state president, addressing their concerns and liaising with the replacement team to provide timely solutions. This hands-on support was instrumental in ensuring smooth transitions and maximizing the program's success.

Liberty - Executive Coaching Program

After achieving 100% market share in Australia, Future Grid, a leader in real-time management of distribution networks using smart meter data, set its sights on North America. Recognizing the need to tailor its messaging to resonate with North American utility companies, Future Grid enlisted Appos Advisors. Appos conducted a swift onboarding process using its proven go-to-market methodology, developing a comprehensive SWOT analysis, value proposition, and tailored content for Future Grid’s North American website. Since then, Future Grid has successfully connected with North American utilities, significantly expanding its partnership network.

Future Grid - NA New Market Entry

To enhance the success of RevUps, Oracle’s sales campaign program, the company brought on Vanessa Edmonds to analyze the program and recommend strategic changes. Vanessa began by interviewing stakeholders from Oracle’s marketing and sales teams, analyzing the online platform for sharing program assets, and studying the training delivery. Based on these insights, she crafted a bespoke program designed to significantly improve outcomes. Her strategic recommendations not only streamlined the campaign process but also fostered better collaboration between teams. As a result, RevUps saw a marked increase in engagement and overall effectiveness.

Oracle - Sales Campaign Program 

Meet Our CEO,
Vanessa Edmonds

Believing that “no one should face modernization challenges alone,” Vanessa Edmonds is a seasoned utility industry advisor, ecosystem builder, and lifelong strategic marketer. She empowers utility companies to achieve their transformation goals by connecting them with the people and solutions to help them succeed.

Vanessa excels in market analysis, strategic planning, business development, and partnership cultivation. Her key strengths include sparking behavioral change among utility stakeholders, advancing digital transformation, and promoting transformative leadership. In addition to leading Appos, Vanessa is co-founder and Executive Director of the Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030).

Lighting the Way

With Appos, your market approach will be strategically planned, flawlessly executed, and meticulously managed. Partner with us to turn your vision into reality and significantly impact the utility market. 

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